Introduction to Computers and Security

Introduction to Computers and Security

An entry level computer science class for middle and high school students interested in developing knowledge, skills, and abilities in Information Technology and Cyber Security. | taught by Hank Osborne

Course description

An entry level Computer Science course for homeschoolers delivered at your pace in the comfort of your home!

Computer science is defined by as the study of computers and computing concepts. It includes both hardware and software, as well as networking and the Internet.

All students can benefit from this course regardless of their future education or career goals. Students interested in programming and coding can benefit from this class by learning how the computer systems work and how to manage those systems that their code runs on. Students interested in other career fields outside the information technology field can benefit from learning how the technology around them enhances their work. This course can also enhance their ability to communicate their technology needs to the technology geeks that support them.

This course teaches students how computer systems work. Students will learn how to troubleshoot computer systems using system administration skills on Microsoft and Linux operating systems. The class will be delivered via on-demand instructional videos with additional assignments and quizzes.

What are parents of previous students saying about this course?

"My son has been involved in this since last summer and has learned so much and has built friendships along the way. Hank Osborne is a godly man who has been a wonderful encouragement to my son and he has inspired to him learn more." Laura F. (Charleston, SC)

"Our child has amazed us with the abilities she now has after HSSN and CyberPatriot. She studies without being prompted and is enjoying it!" Sally I. (Summerville, SC)

This class teaches:

  • Introduction to computers-terms, hardware, software, networks, & Internet
  • Introduction to routers, switches, firewalls, etc - troubleshooting problems and connectivity
  • Installing and updating software
  • Introduction to vulnerability assessment and patching
  • Identifying, adding, deleting, and modifying users
  • Threat assessment (understanding hacking techniques)
  • How to identify malicious content
  • How to protect personal data
  • Problem solving operating systems including Windows, Mac, & Linux
  • Computer ethics
  • Introduction to programing languages
  • Introduction to how computer systems work in a business environment


Students only need to have basic keyboard and mouse skills and have the ability to use the Internet to access web sites and send email. Several students as young as 11 years old have successfully completed this course.

Hank Osborne
Hank Osborne

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Operating Systems
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Security Principles and Ethics
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Reviews (1)

Great class

by Noah Weyer
This was an amazing class to help me through my first year of cyber patriot!

Great class

by Noah Weyer
This was an amazing class to help me through my first year of cyber patriot!