Course Description

This class is a follow-on to our Introduction to Computers and Security class. Students will access this class using a computer from the comfort of your home. The On Demand format allows the student to determine when they access the material and how often. The class lessons are delivered via pre-recorded videos with interactive assignments and quizzes.

This class teaches:

  • Digital Forensics Principles
  • Incident Response Procedures
  • Disk Recovery and Analysis
  • Network Packet Capture and Analysis
  • Basic Memory Capture and Analysis
  • Advanced Searching Techniques
  • Security Principles and Ethics
  • Computer Math
  • Steganography
  • Ciphers and Codes
  • Building a Web Server...from scratch
  • Intro to HTML and PHP programming


Students need to have basic knowledge and skills taught in the Introduction to Computers and Security class. The class is intended for teens in high school or middle school. Several students as young as 11 years old have successfully completed this course.

Hank Osborne

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Computer Math and Numbers

    • Bytes and Bits

    • Eight Bits Equals 255

    • Quiz - Binary

    • Numbering Systems

    • Quiz - Numbering Systems

    • Character Sets and Unicode

    • Assignment - Character Sets and Unicode

    • Windows Character Map

    • Assignment - Character Map

    • Colors Represented as Numbers

    • Assignment - Color Picker

    • Quiz - Color Picker

    • Magic Numbers

  • 3

    Forensics Drive Image Collection and Analysis

    • Install FTK Imager

    • Assignment - Install FTK

    • Collect Drive Image

    • Open SD Drive Image with Autopsy

    • Drive Image Analysis with Autopsy

    • Extracting a Deleted File from a Drive Image

  • 4

    Forensics Memory Capture and Analysis

    • Memory Capture with FTK and Analysis with Strings

    • Memory Analysis with Volatility

    • Memory Capture and Analysis with Redline

    • Memory Analysis with Redline Continued

  • 5

    Network Analysis

    • Introduction to Network Analysis

    • Wireshark Menus

    • Wireshark Statistics and Columns

    • Assignment - Installation and familiarization of Wireshark

    • Wireshark Packet Layers

    • Wireshark Stream TCP Session

    • Capturing Packets with Wireshark

    • Capturing Packets with TCPDUMP

    • Viewing TCPDUMP Packet Capture with Wireshark

    • Span Port Capture of FTP with Wireshark

    • SCP File Transfer

    • Viewing FTP Wireshark and Extracting a Photo

    • Wireshark Analysis of FTP PUT command

    • Assignment - Working with a Packet Capture

    • Quiz - Packet Capture (based on the pcap file in the previous assignment)

  • 6

    Steganography and Ciphers

    • Introduction to Steganography and Ciphers

    • Steganography Example

    • Cipher Examples

    • Substitutions, Shifts, and Pads

    • Steganogrpahy Tools

  • 7

    LAMP - Linux, Apache, PHP, and MySQL

    • Install VMware Player and Ubuntu VM

    • Installing the Apache Web Server

    • HTML Coding

    • Installing PHP on Linux

    • PHP Coding

    • Installing MySQL

    • Create a MySQL Database and User

  • 8


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